Places to Eat:

  • La Kalle: Distance 5 minutes walking. Open during daytime hours.
  • La Gula: Distance 5 minutes walking. Open during evening hours.
  • Any Posole: Walking distance, but you can also cab it. (Pronounced: Anee). It's not just any posole, Any is actually a restuarant.

Things To Do:

  • Walk to El Centro: Enjoy a day and evening stroll through the beautiful town of Zihuatanejo. You'll find a number of restaurants, the harbor, and shops filled with amazing local art. Some vendors accept debit/credit cards - so be prepared with both!
  • Mercado de Artes y Artesanias: Handcrafted treasures including gold and silver jewelry, ceramics, wooden masks, hammocks, and brightly colored textiles, all created by local artisans, can be found here.
  • Tours: Go on a fishing tour or cooking tour!
  • Visit neighboring towns, such as Troncones. They are excellent surfing spots.
  • Fish Market: Beside the municipal pier is Playa Principal where in the early morning, the beach turns into a lively fish market.